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Day: May 2, 2020

Your Guide for Finding a Reliable Commercial General Contractor

As you can probably guess, a commercial contractor specializes commercial construction. A general contractor is involved in all steps of commercial construction, and they typically handle both private and public projects, from construction of schools to buildings, commercial spaces and more. They are responsible for overseeing a number of tasks, such as obtaining permits, design, purchases, adherence to codes of the building industry and compliance to state laws and norms.

When it comes to selecting a premier commercial general contractor, you have to be more careful because a lot of money is at stake. In this post, we will talk of the things that need your attention for finding a reliable commercial general contractor.

Start With the Basics:

You cannot work any random contractor you find online. Start by looking for licensed companies that have a good name in the local market. If a company claims to be the best … Read More

What Nonprofit Organizations Need to Know About Hiring Independent Contractors

Most well informed nonprofit managers know they need various insurance policies to protect themselves and their organization from a variety of lawsuits and claims. Some of the most common policies nonprofit’s purchase are general liability insurance, directors & officers liability, and workers’ compensation insurance. Yet many fail to realize how these do and do not apply to independent contractors.

General Liability Insurance

Nonprofit and for-profit businesses alike often view insurance through the lens of protecting their employees and their assets. However, failing to address the limitations of insurance in regards to independent contractors can leave gaping holes in an organization’s overall protection. For example, if an employee accidentally injures someone or does damage to someone’s property while performing his or her job, that organization’s general liability policy would respond to any resulting claim or lawsuit.

Most, if not all, general liability policies exclude coverage for independent contractors. If the contractor … Read More

Choosing Names For a Handyman Business

Starting any kind of business requires the owner and his partners to come up with a brand name. This may not come easy, though, as you are competing with numerous businesses in your specific category. In almost any business today, there’s stiff competition the reason why it’s vital to provide a name that people will easily remember.

Ideally, coming up with a good business name requires some research and brain storming session from the owners if there’s more than one of them. The internet is one of the best ways to do your research of possible names for your handyman business. As many of this type of business operate online these days, it’s highly recommended to find out the most common and popular names in existence. You can also browse through domain registrars that list as well as buy and sell popular domain names or the website address of companies … Read More

Home Equity Loan: FAQ

Home Equity Loans are a potentially money-saving option for homeowners who want to consolidate debt and/or turn some of their bad credit into good credit. The possible tax deductions on home equity loans make them potentially useful for debt consolidation, since other personal and consumer loans typically have no tax deductions and higher interest rates. A home equity loan can also be used for home improvement purposes, and certain tax advantages can apply.

According to current home equity statistics from the U.S. Census, approximately 7.2 million Americans obtained home equity loans in the past year. However, not all loans are right for everyone. It is important to decide which type of home loan is the perfect fit for you. To be sure that you are making a confident financial decision before you sign on the dotted line, read on for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about home equity loans.… Read More

How to Find a Great Home Remodeling Contractor in Your Area

Finding the right remodeling contractor you can rely upon and trust for your home’s remodeling and maintenance projects seems like a monumental task. The assignment may even seem overwhelming. After all, you are trusting one of your most prized and largest assets to a stranger. There are some simple steps you can take, however, that will eliminate much of the uncertainty. 

One of the best ways to find a good reliable remodeling contractor is to ask your friends and family who have worked with remodelers in the past. They can give you good insight into how the project progressed and how they felt about the remodeling contractor who completed the project. 


Another source of quality home improvement specialists is to search the membership in industry organizations such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or the National Kitchen and Bath Association. These types of organizations set higher standards for their members. This can be … Read More

Upgrading Electrical Systems in Historic Homes

Electrical systems in historic homes pose many interesting challenges. “Ask twice, drill once” is the motto of electricians who work on historic houses, so it’s told. Updating the electrical systems in aging homes is essential for the safety and convenience of modern residents, but it isn’t easy. Undertaking a project of this nature is complicated and requires careful planning and oversight to protect the look and structure of an old home. Owners must make it clear to the electrician that keeping the basic structure protected and intact is priority No. 1. Following is a look at the challenges involved and suggestions for getting the job done properly, without causing harm to the look and integrity of your old home.

Why Upgrade?

The first and most important reason to upgrade an old home’s electrical system is safety. Old homes have old wiring, which deteriorates over time. The demands of current homeowners … Read More

Purpose of Home Improvement and Remodeling

Emulsion and paints on the walls are fading. Plumbing system is not working properly; leaky roofs and damp walls making the home a nest for molds and mildews; cracks on the exterior wall are prominent and the window sidings are broken. Yes, your home is looking ugly and sick; you need to give it a face lift.

Home improvement and home remodeling are done to renovate the exterior and interior of your home. At the same time, it helps you add some extra space some times. Planned remodeling can effectively increase living space. Adding a roof over an open place or constructing a door at a suitable position can allow you make full use of available area.

To keep your home in good shape you need to repair your home at a regular interval. All the homeowners go for home improvement at least once in a year or two. Home … Read More

Will Vinyl Siding Increase Or Decrease the Value of Your Home?

Vinyl siding has created quite a tempest in the world of construction. While some in the building trades hail this type of siding as the best invention since the wheel and point out it’s many advantages such as low cost, low maintenance and durability. Others in the industry claim vinyl siding cheapens the look of your home and lowers it’s value. So who is right? Does vinyl siding add to the curb appeal of your home and thus raise your homes value or does it cheapen your home and make it worth less?

The answer is that everyone is right. In certain circumstances this type of siding can improve the look of your home and increase it’s value. In other circumstances the use of this siding may not only lower the value of your home but also the other homes in the neighborhood. That being the case there are some … Read More

7 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens have evolved a lot over the years. Once found only in the rear of the house, today’s kitchen design takes the kitchen out the background. The challenge for kitchen design is in creating a more open-faced kitchen, that is part of a dining area, a family room or a great room.

In deciding on how to design your kitchen, you must take into consideration such things as: will your kitchen have an island? Will it be of a modern or traditional design? What kinds of appliances will you need for your new kitchen design? What kind of lighting design?

1. Kitchen as ‘Great Room’

Whether you are redesigning an existing kitchen or planning a new kitchen in a new home there are some design considerations to keep in mind, such as including in an island or peninsula as part of the kitchen design. These can be used to connect … Read More

Four Home Renovation Projects That Increase the Value of Your House

Spiffing up every space in a home allows the owner to create a personalized design. However, it’s important to consider the immediate benefits of improvements as well as the long-term financial benefits. Ideally, it is wise to invest in home renovation projects that offer the biggest payoffs. This is particularly important if a property owner considers selling in the future.

1. Kitchen Remodeling

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the house, and it deserves a place on the project list. According to HGTV, homeowners can expect to recoup 60 to 120 percent of the investment in a kitchen remodel. Using modern colors to paint the kitchen goes a long way in giving it a fresh look. However, avoid paints that contain harmful chemicals, such as benzene, and opt for low-VOC paints. Replacing old appliances with Energy Star rated appliances that use less energy and are environmentally friendly … Read More