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Community Facilities Districts Info for State of California


Proposition 13, which was enacted in California in 1978, imposed fiscal constraints on local governments by limiting the amount of tax on property. Before the passage of Proposition 13, local governments issued long term general obligation bonds to fund public improvements required to serve new development projects. These general obligation bonds were repaid through the levy of general property taxes on all residents living within the jurisdictional boundary of the local government. Just prior to the passage of Propostion 13 property tax rates in California were as high as three percent (3%) of the fair market value of the property. Proposition 13 effectively prevented local government from increasing general property taxes within the jurisdiction of the local government to fund new public improvements that ultimately served only new developing areas that comprised a small portion of the local government’s jurisdictional boundary. Essentially, Propostion 13 now requires new development … Read More

Why the Measure Phase Is So Important in Lean Six Sigma DMAIC

The Measure phase of the DMAIC improvement process in Lean Six Sigma is where the rubber meets the road. When you talk about the path of continuous improvement, or even breakthrough improvement, the starting line must be established. How can improvements be quantified if we haven’t established a baseline before changes are implemented?

How often have you developed a great idea for improvement that when tried turns out not to work? If the baseline performance of a process has been established you have the ability to determine if a change makes a positive improvement or not. Having the ability to course correct if an improvement doesn’t work is crucial if your organization is serious about sustaining improvements. Without the baseline clearly established in the Measure phase of DMAIC you can’t determine if a change makes a difference or not. Surely, we wouldn’t want to make the process worse and not … Read More

Kaizen System

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen means Continuous Improvement. It originated from the Japanese word ‘Kai’ meaning ‘change’ and ‘Zen’ meaning ‘for the better’. Kaizen is basically small improvements carried out by the person who is doing the job in his/her day-to-day work. Small zero investment improvements are always welcome and are more important than one-shot big improvements.

Remember, Kaizen is to be done by everybody, right across the organization as everyone is contributing to the organization output.

Steps for implementation

  • Problem Identification
  • Analysis
  • Idea Formulation
  • Idea Selection
  • Implementation

Every time a new measure is implemented, it must be seen how it goes, check the results, search out, admit mistakes, and try to do better in the next attempt. – By TAICHI OHNO

The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle can be used for implementation of Kaizen.

Some rules for improvement are:

v Do not make excuses

v Think of how to do it, not … Read More

Constant, Daily Improvement: Key to Lasting Success

One operating philosophy of a modern entrepreneur and a secret to the success of great achievers is constant, daily, improvement. As the saying goes, practice leads to perfection, so does daily, constant improvement also lead you to making an unending success in life.

It is quit unfortunate to note that most of us consider making improvements to our lives a willful issue. Life is not about living all the time in your comfort zone. There are times you have to move away from your known zone. It can be tasking but its worthwhile. Living the same way all the time could be the greatest killer disease anyone can contact. It becomes imperative that we consider changing our attitudes as regards success and failure. We don’t have to wait until when the work is bulky before we start to work them out. I want you to understand that while change is … Read More

Continuous Improvement Quick Wins!

When it comes to Continuous Process Improvement, action is what it’s all about. It matters not a bit what training you provide, slogans you use, or posters you post if you do not promptly move into action to get things done, measured, and stabilized so the solution sticks.

‘Quick Wins’ is a powerful tool for moving teams into action.

But it is more easily said than done. In this article we’ll discuss Quick Wins, why they matter, what can go wrong, and how to increase the chances of success.

What Is A ‘Quick Win’?

The key elements are right there in those two words: it’s got to be quick and it’s got to be successful.

A Quick Win must be completed in 4 to 6 weeks at most, but many are implemented much faster such as in a “kaizen blitz” where a small group focuses full time on an improvement … Read More

Learning to JELQ? 2 Jelqing Tips That Can EXPLODE Your Increase in Size and Stamina

Are you learning how to jelq for the first time? Going at it alone, instead of with a real penis enlargement program? And most importantly….are you NOT getting the sort of size results you seek, simply because you fear you are NOT doing the exercises properly? In this article we are going to take a quick look at a few jelqing tips that have been PERSONALLY powerful for me, as well as a few simple adjustments you can make in your own PE program to get similar size improvements as well. Curious? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Tip #1: Warm UP and Warm DOWN

It’s amazing how few men do proper preparatory work when starting a jelq routine. Why is it important? Because helping to facilitate better blood flow to and through both the corposa cavernosa (the primary penile chamber) as well as the spongy tissue … Read More

The Digital Speedometer’s Many Improvements Over the Years

A digital speedometer is a device which gives the current speed of a moving object. It can generally be seen in motor vehicles. Like the older models, this device is essential in operating vehicles too, because it gives the person in control of the vehicle/machine awareness of his/her speed so he/she can maintain the correct velocity and avoid crashing with something along the road.

The digital speedometer has a couple of advantages over its ancestor, the analogue speedometer. One of the advantages is that digital ones produce more accurate and reliable readings. This is because digital speedometers use speed sensors which actually reads the vehicle’s moving rate, and then sending results to the speedometer’s microprocessor, which is responsible for the display. Another advantage is that digital speedometers display the speed measurement in numbers, which is a lot more readable than the clock-like display of analogue ones. Drivers suffering from deteriorated … Read More

What Does Early Doors Mean for Home Improvements?

Can a curious cliché be related to home owners and how they secure their properties?

A political journalist from the national broadsheet The Independent has been making a case against civil leaders (and media centres) overusing clichés and empty phrases. He blames politicians, and perhaps their lazy speech writers, for a seeming lack of rigour in the way we express ourselves.

It is implied that as more of the world moves online, and into a virtual realm of relationships, language and its connection to the material world is becoming fragile. We are using words with little regard to their meanings or referents: instead, these phrases, idiomatic catchphrases are being used as supposed ‘catch-all’ terms that we can all understand and relate to, when in reality….nobody knows what they’re talking about (or listening to…)

One favourite phrase is ‘early doors’, which many claim was coined by football manager Ron Atkinson- ‘it’s … Read More

Building Extensions and Home Improvement Put in Detail

Home improvement, particularly building extensions take a lot of work. It costs money and it entails a lot of effort from the homeowners. Having carpenters and other workers, roaming around your house, checking out pillars and walls, can disrupt your normal activities. The family is displaced and you have to adjust and live another home routine that is not your usual activity, day by day.

This is why home improvements need a lot of planning. Building extensions can be quite an improvement for those who wish to do away with the traditional build of their residence or their office. It can make for a better, more improved look that can adapt with the times. Extensions as it is can add up more space, take up more equipment, and project an image of convenience and style.

Building extensions is not your simple hammer and nail construction and can be a lot … Read More

Better Horse Racing Handicapping Using the Pareto Principle For Big Improvements

If you’re looking to be a better handicapper, and who isn’t, then a simple rule or principle of economics and distribution may help you to do less work and get better results. It’s called Pareto’s Principle and it’s named after Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. When he looked at other systems in nature and human endeavor he found that roughly the same amounts applied. For instance, 80% of the beans in his garden were contained in just 20% of the pods.

Land? Beans? Italy in 1906? What does this all have to do with improving your ability to pick winners and make money betting on horses? Here’s a fact that may help you to start to realize how this rule might affect your ability to handicap. Roughly 80% of the races are … Read More