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How FCA and an army of contractors raced against time to put together 1st new assembly plant in Detroit in 3 decades

Steel erection work was split between Aristeo, Ideal Contracting and Indiana Bridge Inc., a Muncie, Ind.-based steel fabrication company that worked on Little Caesar’s Pizza’s downtown Detroit headquarters and the paint shop at FCA’s Sterling Heights assembly plant.

“We had two concrete contractors, we had three excavation contractors, we had two different roofers,” Haller said.

Schreiber Corp. in Warren rebuilt the roof on Mack I for the general assembly shop and Toledo-based Fred Christen & Sons Co. did roofing work on Mack II for the body shop.

“We did that so that enough craft labor and craft supervision was available to complete the job,” Haller said.

Skilled trade labor unions were given monthly projections of man-hours by trade to help union leaders plan and organize labor in a “superheated” construction labor market, Haller said.

The coronavirus shutdown in the spring required additional shifts and workers, particularly millwrights for the assembly

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