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Oregon wildfires: Firefighter recounts running out of water during wild 36-hour battle to save homes

Firefighter Brian Weidman was summoned to a grass fire near Ashland that was threatening some homes on Sept. 8, one blustery day after Labor Day.

He figured it might take a few hours to put out the flames before heading back north to his fire station in nearby Phoenix.

It’d be more like 36 hours before he called it a day. And by then, there was no fire station to return to. The Almeda fire had burned through Jackson County Fire District No. 5′s Fire Station No. 3 — plus more than 2,800 structures, ravaging the towns of Phoenix and Talent as well as parts of Medford and Ashland. Three people are known to have died, in addition to six others statewide.

“It moved faster than any other fire I’ve ever been on,” said Weidman, a captain and a firefighter of 10 years. “It was an intense fire fight that

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