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How To Create A 5-Star Hotel Bathroom

Roll-top bathtubs, sweet-smelling miniatures and fluffy white towels – there really is nothing more indulging than a luxury bathroom found in a five-star hotel.

It might seem tricky to tap into that timeless hotel look in our own bathrooms (particularly if it’s a space shared by many), but there are plenty of simple tweaks we can make to achieve a five-star feel at home.

Looking for luxury bathroom ideas for your home? From mood-boosting botanicals to a clutter-free space, the design experts at Christy’s tell us how it’s done…

1. Invest in luxury towels

If you’re looking to achieve that sumptuous feel at home, invest in a luxury towel — one that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower at one of the world’s most finest hotels. And don’t forget a matching dressing gown; you’ll want something warm and fluffy to wrap yourself in after

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