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COVID Is Accelerating a Revolution in Student Housing

Today’s newer student housing is much more modern than the old on-campus buildings with community bathrooms at the end of the hall. 

In the COVID-19 era, that’s important.

“In some instances, those functionally obsolete dorms that have the bathrooms down the hall don’t follow CDC [The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] regulations, said Jaclyn Fitts, an executive vice president at CBRE who co-leads the CBRE National Student Housing team, on CBRE’s The Weekly Take podcast.

Eventually, Fitts thinks these dorms will ultimately be taken offline and replaced with newer housing that can be functional in an environment with a dangerous virus. 

Bill Bayless, the CEO of American Campus Communities, which houses 135,000 students at 93 campuses across America, says his rent collections have been a lot stronger because his typical four-bedroom unit offers students the ability to be socially distant.

“They can quarantine,” Bayless said on CBRE’s The Weekly

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