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How Homeowners Can Accurately Compare Bids on Custom Home Construction and Remodeling

Homeowners are used to hearing “get at least 3 bids” before proceeding on a construction project. This is sound advice as well as getting referrals from friends and family. Bids are only useful however, if they come from comparable companies, and if they are structured so that they can be accurately compared. Many owners, and even some architects, don’t do a good job at detailing the project.

The most important requirement is a complete set of plans and specs. If everything about the project isn’t clearly spelled out, each bidder will make different assumptions–about fixtures, appliances, finishes, and so on–leading to widely divergent bids. And because each bidder’s assumptions will likely differ from the buyer’s, the stage is set for conflict during the project. The way to make bidding more productive for everyone is to eliminate assumptions and to give each bidder a legitimate chance of succeeding.

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