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City advances application for building additions, improvements at Ladue Middle School | Metro

Proposed site improvements would include a new drive at the receiving dock located at the east end of the new storm shelter addition and a retaining wall at the northwest academic addition.

The commission will review the project in October, with Council likely voting on final approval in November, Sukanek said.

Other business

Also on Monday, the Council approved authorizing a contract with Geissler Roofing Company, Inc. for the removal of the existing roof and installation of a new roof and replacement of the gutter/scupper system and downspouts on the police department’s main building, portico and carport.

The cost will be $187,870, as well as approval for up to $7,500 in additional funds, if needed, for replacement of plywood decking and boards.

Laura Rider, assistant to the mayor/city clerk, said the Council, in July, had approved a contract with Heath Roofing LLC.

“Heath was unable to meet the bond requirements

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Ideas For Home Additions

There are a variety of situations that lead people to consider home additions. Maybe you bought the house of your dreams. You shopped the market and researched houses all over the city until you found one that suited your needs perfectly and you felt that there was nothing that needed to be changed. But then maybe your family grew and what was the perfect space for two people is a little too crowded for four.

Alternately, maybe you finally attained your goal of home ownership but the house you could afford did not quite meet the ideal you had in mind. Or maybe you are just the kind of person that likes to have a project and you can see your house ten years down the line fully remodeled. If you can relate to any of these ideas you are probably considering one or more home additions.

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How to Choose the Best Contractor for Your Home Additions?

Is your family outgrowing your present home? What can you do to make your family more comfortable and accommodate all your valuable furnishings and other home accessories? The answer is simple; Make your home more spacious by adding rooms and renovating existing spaces. Home additions and renovations are the only intelligent and inexpensive solutions to expand your living spaces. Although remodeling a home is cheaper than buying a new home, there are certain things you should consider when planning renovating your home.

How to Plan Home Renovations?

Renovation is simply not about adding an extra bedroom or converting your attic, it is more than that. Any changes and additions to your existing house means, long-term changes that will affect your daily living. Therefore, home renovations should be planned and executed wisely. Here are some tips to help you

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