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Nursing homes in Washington state struggled with adequate staffing for years. Then coronavirus struck.

In early March, state inspectors entered a sprawling nursing home in the rural southeast corner of King County where concerns over thin staffing were mounting just as COVID-19 began to spread across the state.

One resident inside the Enumclaw Health and Rehabilitation Center said she hadn’t been bathed for nearly three weeks after she first arrived, according to inspection records. Another described waiting roughly 15 minutes for help after her roommate fell on the floor, while others told of even longer waits for help, lasting 45 minutes or more.

“Sometimes there are so few people in the building,” the resident told inspectors, “if there were an emergency, it would be a calamity.”

Within weeks, coronavirus entered the nursing home, and workers scrambled to help ailing residents, as some got sick themselves. In all, the outbreak killed 26 people, according to the state.

As COVID-19 devastated nursing homes across the state,

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More Than Half Of NYC Public School Bathrooms Lack Adequate Ventilation

On Monday, the city’s Department of Education released ventilation reports for all city public schools. While some found the individual school reports to be lacking context, the citywide breakdown did show that only 43% of public school restrooms were found to be “operational,” meaning around 57% were deemed unsafe, as the space did not have “at least one method of ventilation.” These will require repairs and other improvements to ventilation systems to make them safe for students and staff returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The M.S. 53 Brian Piccolo School in Far Rockaway is one of the schools in which bathrooms were deemed unsafe. Less than a month ago, Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza visited this school with photographers and a small press pool to highlight the DOE’s reopening plans. However, following this visit, one teacher there, who asked not to be named,

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