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5 Major Mindset Adjustments When Renting Vs Home-Owning

Renting typically requires minimal effort, but as a homeowner you will invest blood, sweat, and tears into your home. In fact, the mentality between you as a renter and you as an owner will vary significantly more than you are probably expecting.

Saving Becomes a Priority

You probably did a good job of saving as a renter, especially if you earned every penny of your down payment. However, saving becomes a top priority as a homeowner. You are always going to be thinking that an unexpected expense is going to surface and drain you. Whether you end up needing a new roof or you desperately want to remodel the kitchen, your savings account will get paid first.

Minor Repairs Become Important

Nearly everyone has neglected a minor repair in a rental. Whether your closet door comes off the track or your kitchen faucet dripped all day, you could not bring … Read More