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As COVID hits, Glenville couple adjusts renovation expectations

Categories: Fall Home

GLENVILLE — Ani and Zack Port were about to close on a house in Glenville when COVID moved in.

The couple was excited to find a home with more space for their growing family in a friendly neighborhood just blocks from Pashley Elementary School, where the two had met in fourth grade. The circa 1959 split-level needed some fixing up, but they were OK with that.

The closing was planned for the end of February. As the date approached, the Ports, who have a 2-year-old son and another child on the way, scrambled to get ready. They lined up a contractor to perform renovations, arranged for a place to stay while construction was underway and stashed stuff in storage.

Then, everything came to a screeching halt.

COVID-19-related restrictions turned their home-buying endeavor into a nonessential transaction. The closing was bumped to March. Then it was postponed again,

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