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Pentagon defends use of COVID-19 funds to aid ailing defense contractors

SPENDING WAS ‘WHOLLY APPROPRIATE’: The Pentagon is flatly rejecting criticism in a Washington Post report suggesting that funds intended for supplies of medical equipment were improperly diverted to defense contractors.

At issue is $1 billion provided to the Pentagon under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, which the Washington Post said was being used to make things such as jet engine parts, body armor, and dress uniforms instead of needed medical supplies “in a way that represented a major departure from Congress’s intent.”

“Under the Act, it is clear that funding for Defense Industrial Base uses would be appropriate as long as they addressed COVID-related impacts in the industrial base, even in that portion of the industrial base not producing medical supplies,” said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman in a statement posted on the DOD website. “The funds in this case have been used to support

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