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Things Airports Still Aren’t Cleaning as Well as They Should

Food courts

Surfaces like tables, chairs, counters, and, of course, kitchens are likely getting cleaned and disinfected regularly, but there are some other items that can fall by the wayside, like vending machines and self-checkouts. Overall, though, food courts can be problematic. After all, that’s where travelers are most likely to remove their masks to eat or drink whichever items they have purchased, opening the area up to a greater risk of COVID-19 transmission. “One of the biggest problems is that janitorial staff forget things, skip around on checklists, and there isn’t a good visual way to know if something was sanitized,” says Gina Jurlando, who works with Tulu, a new platform to support cleaning and sanitization efforts for businesses. “Even if you see someone cleaning [something like] the lounge seats, you’re not usually looking at the exact product and duration of time it was applied.”

Tulu is hoping to

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