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Personal Care Homes Offer a Much-Needed Alternative to Traditional Long-Term Care Options

While the Pew Research Center records that the United States population doubled between the years 1950-2010, that population growth has slowed considerably, and seniors are an increasing demographic. By 2025, seniors are expected to make up about 18% of the United States’ population. Additionally, the US Census Bureau reports that currently, an estimated 17% of Americans have a disability that causes their functionality to be limited. Whereas in the past, options were quite limited for people who needed assistance with everyday life tasks, today there are more choices.

What Are Personal Care Homes?

The definition and regulations vary from state to state, but generally, these residences accommodate four or more unrelated persons who live in semi-private or private rooms and maintain as much independence as their physical and mental conditions will allow. Unlike nursing homes, clients may be able to bring some furniture and other personal belongings to make their … Read More

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Each person has the ability to change their world and in turn will bring us one step closer to a reduced carbon foot print and salvation for our planet Earth.

Dire need: Middle to low-income homeowners, elderly and disability subsidized housing

Within the next few years a percentage of new construction will be required to install renewal energy. Existing government facilities are required to be “Green” in the future.

Renewable energy, the technology to manufacture products that produce alternative and renewable energy, will produce more jobs in the manufacturing industry, the technical industry, ultimately reduce the existing carbon in our atmosphere, slow global warming, increase the longevity of our planet and protect our earth through green technology.

I remember reading an article about a city that implemented assistance programs for apartments and homes that allow residents to be able to afford renewable energy through low-cost loans. These low-cost loans enable … Read More