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Ambujwadi slums dwellers ask to pay Rs 35,000 for water connection by certified contractors

While water is a basic necessity during the covid pandemic, about 40,000 population in Ambujwadi area of Malad are struggling to get water connection in their houses. The residents have complained to the BMC that certified contractors and plumbers are demanding Rs 35,000 for each connection which is impossible for the people to pay.

Muhammad Jabir Khan is a tailor by profession but his work has not started after the lockdown was relaxed. He has approval from the BMC for the water connection but the contractors are demanding Rs 35,000 he said. “I spend Rs 60 per day on water for my family of five people. My work has not started after the lockdown and there is no earning. I was not able to pay the school fees of my children this year so they are not able to attend their online classes. Now, the contractor is asking a

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