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400+ Baileyville mill workers tested for COVID-19 after cases found among out-of-state contractors

More than 400 employees at the Woodland Pulp mill in Baileyville are being tested for COVID-19 after at least seven out-of-state contractors tested positive for the virus. 

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Mill officials were notified of the positive cases Tuesday after the workers from a New York company were among at least 600 subcontractors brought in for routine maintenance to the facility last week. 

The contractors were tested after leaving the state, according to Woodland Pulp spokesperson Scott Beal. 

One local worker has since tested positive for the virus. Beal said of 25 people identified a ‘close contacts’ to the positive cases 20 have tested negative for the virus. 

Woodland Pulp is working with Calais Regional Hospital to test all of its employees Thursday and Friday. 

“We think that’s the most prudent thing we can do for our employees and their families and by extension our local communities,”

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Public health officials concerned about potential COVID exposure among evacuated residents of 2 nursing homes

Residents at two east Santa Rosa nursing homes that for months have successfully kept their patients free of COVID-19 were forced to evacuate their residents, sending them to evacuation centers, family homes and other facilities during the Glass fire earlier this week.

The emergency evacuations of those most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic is raising concerns among health officials of potential exposure to the virus in the community.

Spring Lake Village on Montgomery Drive and Summerfield Healthcare Center on Summerfield Road were both evacuated the night of the fire, their residents sent to several locations, including other nursing facilities, family homes and evacuation centers.

“It is very worrisome that people who had no contact to COVID had to potentially go to situations where they could be exposed to COVID, especially that vulnerable population that we’re trying to really keep safe,” said Dr. Sundari Mase, Sonoma County’s health officer.

Mase said

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Among Us Reveals New Features, New Stage, and Server Improvements Coming Soon

Among Us 2 has been canceled, and there’s a good reason why. Among Us debuted back in 2018 from developer InnerSloth to little attention. Fast-forward to September 2020, it’s the hottest game on the Internet. Why? Well, it mostly comes down to Twitch streamers and YouTubers who recently picked up the game in a major way starting last month. This led to viewers en masse picking up the game, and because of the game’s quality, it has retained many of these players. And that’s the short version of how we got to today, where it’s dethroned Fall Guys as the biggest game on the Internet.

So, why is Among Us 2 being canceled? Well, according to developer Inner Sloth, it’s to further support the current game. As the developer notes, the allure of a sequel is that the codebase for the current game is a total mess, which makes supporting

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