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California residents again face fire anguish as homes burn

California Wildfires

Noah Berger / AP

Flames from the Glass Fire consume the Glass Mountain Inn, late Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020, in St. Helena, Calif.

Updated 3 hours, 23 minutes ago

SAN FRANCISCO — Northern California’s wine country was on fire again Monday as strong winds fanned flames in the already scorched region, destroying homes and prompting overnight evacuation orders for more than 50,000 people.

Residents of the Oakmont Gardens senior living facility in Santa Rosa boarded brightly lit city buses in the darkness overnight, some wearing bathrobes and using walkers. They wore masks to protect against the coronavirus as orange flames marked the dark sky.

The fire threat forced Adventist Health St. Helena hospital to suspend care and transfer all patients elsewhere.

The fires that began Sunday in the famed Napa-Sonoma wine country about 45 miles (72 kilometers)

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Heartbreak, anguish after NJ family says contractor skipped out on job

A South Jersey family turned to Action News after they say the contractor their elderly father hired skipped out on the job.

Investigation: Heartbreak, anguish after family says contractor skipped out on job



Jackie Sherriton says her father, Warren Theckston, paid the deposit for a home addition after her sister, Teresa, was paralyzed in a tragic accident.

Teresa Theckston fell down a flight of stairs in July 2019 and severed her spinal cord at the T11 vertebra. The accident left her paralyzed.

Theckston said her accident weighed heavily on her father.

“It broke my heart because I know it crushed him,” Theckston said.

A month prior, doctors had diagnosed Teresa with breast cancer. Theckston said their father knew he needed to renovate her Gloucester City home.

“At least if I had that room built over there, I could go in there and you know,

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