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A ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ promise holds you hostage to another’s happiness

We recently discussed the real hazards of stamping “lifetime warranty” on your products. A close corollary to that is promising “satisfaction guaranteed” on your professional services.

You might make that offer because you are proud of the quality of your services — so confident that your work will be above reproach that you are implicitly claiming that you’ll redo the work or refund to make the customer happy.

Think about that outrageous promise. How can you possibly guarantee another’s happiness? Why hold yourself hostage to that? Do you think it impossible that at some point — probably nearer than you think — someone will ask you to redo your work for free or demand a refund, even on the materials you purchased?

First, there are perennially dissatisfied people in this world. Nothing makes them happy because it is their personality to criticize, be disappointed, and generally find fault with everyone

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