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Curb appeal is an important home-improvement project

LAURINBURG — While the coronavirus pandemic has kept folks at home and sparked a number of home improvement projects, many of those have been inside the home.

But Adam Wilhelm, owner of AJW Landscaping of Laurinburg, says it’s the perfect time of year for some outdoor projects.

“The fall is a great time for doing some easy home improvement projects in the yard,” he said. “If the long, hot summer has stressed out your lawn, overseeding in the month of October with annual rye grass will give you a lush green stand of grass without breaking the bank.

“This is also a great time to plant shrubs and trees, with cooler temperatures allowing them to become established without the threat of extreme heat,” he added. “Once we’ve had our first frost it’s the right time to do some much-needed pruning and shaping of your already established shrubs and trees.”


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Supreme Court Hears Google’s Appeal of Oracle’s $8 Billion Copyright Claim

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared divided on Wednesday as it considered whether to protect Alphabet Inc.’s Google from a long-running lawsuit by Oracle Corp. accusing it of infringing Oracle copyrights to build the Android operating system that runs most of the world’s smartphones.

The shorthanded court, down one justice following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month, heard oral arguments in Google’s appeal of a lower court ruling reviving the lawsuit in which Oracle has sought at least $8 billion in damages.

Some of the eight justices expressed concern that Google simply copied Oracle’s software code instead of innovating and creating its own for mobile devices. Others emphasized that siding with Oracle could give software developers too much power with potentially harmful effects on the technology industry.

A jury cleared Google in 2016, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned that decision in 2018, finding

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Marpole location, contemporary design key to the appeal of Shannon 18

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“I was not designing for yesterday, but for tomorrow,” he said, adding he hopes the neighbourhood could “become a showcase for modern architecture.”

Shannon 18 is a townhouse project located at 7659 Granville Street, Vancouver by Azora development Group. For VS0926 Westcoast Homes
In the ensuite bathrooms are Riobel bath and shower fixtures as well as large porcelain floor and wall tiles. jpg

Within the homes, Shannon 18 features nine-foot ceilings, providing more light into the homes. It also provides a level of finish one step above standard townhouse offerings, including modern wide-plank hardwood floors throughout the main level and waffle pattern carpets on stairs and throughout the bedrooms.

In the kitchen are polished quartz countertops with adjoining backsplashes and integrated white cabinetry with a choice of grey or wood accents.

Appliances include a 36-inch Fisher & Paykel fridge, a five-burner cooktop, convection wall oven, slide-out hood fan and dishwasher by Bosch.

In the ensuite bathrooms are Riobel bath and shower fixtures, large porcelain floor and wall

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10 Quick Tips On Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression of your home especially when you are trying to sell it. Make it count and woo in buyers to come inside. I know you are probably thinking curb appeal is the last thing on your mind. Why should you spend any time on the outside when the inside is good enough?

Because the first impression people make is the one they will stick with. Buyers make an opinion within 8-10 seconds of seeing the home. When they pull up to the home, the curb appeal is the first thing they see.

And if the outside isn’t taken care of, then what makes the buyer think the inside is well maintained? So here are 10 tips on how you can make a great first impression with your curb appeal

1. Mow the lawn – Tall grass is an indication that you no longer live there … Read More