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Apple Carnegie Library wins American Architecture Award in restoration and renovation category

Architecture studio Foster + Partners has received an American Architecture Award for its renovation and revitalization of the Carnegie Library of Washington D.C., which now hosts Apple Carnegie Library.

Opened in 1903, the building served as Washington D.C.’s first public library and its first desegregated public building. The building, initially designed by Ackerman & Ross, is well known for its Beaux-Arts style that draws heavily from French neoclassicism, gothic, and Renaissance elements.

The building had fallen into disuse between the turn of the twenty-first century and 2017 when Apple began renovating the library into the city’s second Apple Store location, Apple Carnegie Library.

The renovation was undertaken by Foster + Partners, a British international architecture design headquartered in London. The renovation took approximately two years, with the location reopening in May 2019.

The interior has been renovated using materials fitting the historical surroundings and inspired by the distinctive twentieth-century

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Olympic Stadium renovation wins Finlandia architecture award | Yle Uutiset

Olympiastadion on uusittu kauttaaltaan.
The renovation took into account the historical values and functionality of the building.

Image: Stadion-säätiö / Wellu Hämäläinen

The renovation of Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium, which included the addition of a multi-purpose extension and a new roof, has won the prestigious Finlandia Prize for Architecture.

The award often recognises the history and importance of older buildings in Finnish society, and last year’s winner was the modernist Serpentine House apartment complex, located in the Käpylä district of Helsinki.

Coincidentally, renowned Finnish architect Yrjö Lindegren was involved in the original design of both this year’s winner and last year’s. The 1938-constructed Olympic Stadium was designed by Lindegren and Toivo Jäntti, and was closed for four years while it underwent a major renovation, which was completed in August.

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Helsingin Olympiastadion uudistuksen jälkeen

The stadium’s capacity has been increased to 36,200.

Juha Kivioja / Yle

The Finlandia Prize winner this year was chosen

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Slide is centrepiece of Walker house renovation by Reflect Architecture

Reflect Architecture has renovated a house for a young family living in Toronto, Canada, by brightening its truncated interiors and twisting a blue slide through its centre.

The update to the house, which is named Walker, was focused on reconfiguring the existing layout to create lighter, open spaces that better serve the family’s lifestyle and encourage them to spend time together and play.

Walker house in Toronto, Canada, by Reflect Architecture
The exterior of Walker. Top image: the children’s slide

Walker’s centrepiece is the children’s spiralling blue slide, which plummets through the heart of the house and connects the basement level to the ground floor.

The slide was designed by Reflect Architecture to animate the lower-level so that it did “not feel like a basement” and to also help bring in natural light via the large opening that it required.

Walker house in Toronto, Canada, by Reflect Architecture
A folding staircase is positioned next to the slide

“Both of the parents are entrepreneurs in the health

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Lessons from inclusive design can help architecture adapt to COVID-19 – from Richard Turlington Architects Inc.

This is Part 4 of a 4-part series from Richard Turlington Architects.  Written by David Larumbe Smith.

In the months since COVID-19 first came to our shores, society has wrestled with how to best respond to the crisis. Architects for their part, have been hard at work evaluating the built environment in relation to this new challenge. Common solutions include plexiglass shields, guiding tape on the floor, and sidewalk seating at restaurants. These are all important solutions to help mitigate the spread of the virus, but what they represent is a rudimentary first step that needs to be refined and improved upon. As Architects look for inspiring ideas to help tackle COVID-19, one promising source comes from lessons learned in design for inclusivity.

Scavetta House, Silver Hill Hospital. Renovations by Richard Turlington

met strict state requirements while retaining the historic aesthetic.

In 2012, Richard Turlington, principal architect of Richard

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Architecture Of Bath: Past Perfect

bath cityDespite Bath’s allure as a tourism destination, it remains vulnerable to pressures of develop-ment and climate change
Image: Shutterstock

Nestled between the rolling hills of Somerset beside river Avon, just two hours by train from the hubbub of London, sit the Palladian buildings of Bath, a city founded by the Romans in 1st century AD as a thermal spa. The Roman bathhouses and the city’s enthralling architecture have earned it the status of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Called the ‘Monte Carlo of Britain’, Bath became a thriving spa resort, attracting the fashionable sections of society from 17th century onwards. They flocked here looking for both a cure for their illnesses—“take the waters”, as it was once known—as well as the perfect spot to hobnob. Today the city hosts one of the world’s best-preserved Roman Baths, the Gothic splendour of Bath Abbey, the 200-year-old Royal Theatre, and the Queen Square

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