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$6.8 million in improvements to 24th Street delight university | Articles


Creighton University celebrated improvements Thursday to 24th Street, which runs through the heart of the university.

The City of Omaha contributed $3.9 million and Creighton $2.9 million, the university said.

The project is designed to slow traffic, making

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Log Cabin Articles

I’m an owner of land in the mountains of north Georgia. As a result, I’ve done a lot of research on various topics related to log cabins.

Basements – If your property is on a mountain ridge like mine, you’ll definitely need a basement. I plan to use mine for the grandchildren’s bedrooms, playroom and utilities. Basements provide a relatively cheap expansion of your livable space.

Radial heat – Needing a cement basement floor, I will definitely be incorporating radial heat. Radial heat is different from traditional heat sources. Check out why this is a smart decision.

Lighting – The interior walls and ceilings of cabins which are usually wood based, need special light planning. Wood tends to absorb light rather than reflect it. There are a number of ways to address this lighting shortfall.

Roofing – Consider the option of a metal roof. It has a very long life … Read More