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Drop it like a panda at Tokyo’s new Ueno Park bathroom : The Asahi Shimbun

People hearing nature’s call near Ueno Zoo in Tokyo can now seek inspiration from some of the institution’s finest animals.

Those who use the redesigned public restroom in Ueno Park and grace its toilet seats are greeted by murals of popular animals–a panda, a giraffe, a lion and a penguin–as seen from behind, drawn on the interior of the stalls.

The design is intended to make the person sitting on the toilet feel like they are sharing a special moment with the animals.

The designers also added decorative objects reminiscent of animal droppings to help provide the bathroom’s ambience.

The Tokyo metropolitan government launched a project in spring 2019 to make the public bathroom, located near the park’s iconic fountain, stand out and draw attention.

Situated near many first-rate museums in the Ueno district, the redesigned bathroom, called the “Ueno toilet museum,” is a recent creation by students from the

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