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Home sweet home: CNY bakers launch new businesses from their kitchens amidst pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic kept people at home, navigating the unknown, four Central NY food entrepreneurs baked up new business ideas.

In lieu of food trucks, farmer’s markets, or opening a traditional storefront, these business owners opted to launch on social media first. Using Instagram and Facebook to market their products and connect with customers, they have each forged a path into the food business world despite the challenges of 2020.

These bakers and candy makers dealt with ingredient shortages due to the pandemic and space limitations, but each of them expressed wanting to do more for their communities and to make people happy during this tumultuous time.

We may be able to walk into their storefronts in the future, but here is how to try these homemade goods now.

Big Al’s Vegan Bakery

Big Al's Vegan Bakery

Alexis Barney, owner of Big Al’s Vegan Bakery started her business of vegan cakes and cookies

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DIY Ideas Using Baker’s Twine

Baker’s twine is one of the most versatile crafting articles. Initially, it was used by bakers to wrap up freshly baked bread and cakes. Typically a bakers twine was white with red stripes on them. Today these lovely striped twines come in a variety of colors and can be used for a number of things. In today’s article, I will be putting together a whole collection of ideas that I came across on the internet.

Trussing meat:

Initially the twine was used to truss meat. These strings were made with safe edible dyes back then. Trussing the meat properly helps retain the form and stop the juices from running. Hence, most chefs have a spool of twine in their drawer. The easy way is to begin with a noose knot and re-loop along the length.

Tie baked goodies:

Freshly baked cakes and breads are neatly packed using brown paper or … Read More