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Synack: Federal agencies and banks have made the most cybersecurity improvements

The overall Attacker Resistance Score for the IT sector dropped this year due in part to digital transformation work, according to the 2020 Trust Report.


The Synack 2020 Trust Report is based on the company’s Attacker Resistance Score, which measures a company’s overall vulnerability to a cyberattack. 

Image: Synack Trust Report 2020

Banks and federal government agencies are holding up the best against cyberattacks while retail and manufacturing are faltering, according to a new report from Synack.

The 2020 Trust Report from the penetration testing company found that government and financial services scored 15% and 11% higher than all other industries in 2020.

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Government agencies earned the top spot due in part to reducing the time it takes to remediate  vulnerabilities by 73%. The overall score for government agencies is 61 in the third annual report, up from 47 in 2019. The overall

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