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Brothers Bar and Grill is reopening in an 8,000-square-foot space that now includes a beer garden and kitchen

Brothers Bar and Grill is new and improved, and ready to reopen in Milwaukee. 

a store filled with lots of graffiti: Brothers Bar and Grill is reopening at 1213 N. Water St. on Oct. 8. It is twice the size of its previous space and now has a full kitchen, 45 TVs, outdoor beer garden and more.

© Jordyn Noennig
Brothers Bar and Grill is reopening at 1213 N. Water St. on Oct. 8. It is twice the size of its previous space and now has a full kitchen, 45 TVs, outdoor beer garden and more.

The Water Street bar closed in November to prepare for an expansion that combined its previous space with the next-door space, the former Milwaukee Moulding & Frame building. 

After almost a year it is reopening an 8,000-square-foot space that includes ample seating, an arcade and dance floor. There are 45 TVs throughout the building for game watching and 40 draft lines for beers. A 2,000-square-foot beer garden is outside. 

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“It’s unrecognizable from before,” said Marc Fortney, co-owner of Brothers, 1213 N. Water St. “We’re really bringing everything. It’s 

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New law to bar domestic abusers from victims’ homes

domestic abuse gvImage copyright
Laura Dodsworth

Domestic abusers could be barred from the homes of their victims under a law proposed by the Scottish government.

The new legislation would give police and courts the power to remove suspected abusers from homes and ban them from re-entering for two months.

It would also allow landlords to end the tenancy of anyone who has been abusive to their partner.

Dr Marsha Scott from Scottish Women’s Aid said this would mean victims would not face homelessness to escape abuse.

There have been concerns that the Covid-19 lockdown has left many victims shut in with their abusers, with little chance to leave for work or to see other people.

MSPs have already passed legislation this term aimed at combating controlling behaviour, which led to the number of charges for domestic abuse crimes hitting a four-year high in September.

  • New domestic abuse law comes into force


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76 fuel pumps, 41 bathroom stalls and a beef jerky bar: Welcome to Wally’s | Local News

Food options include bars for coffee, popcorn and beef jerky, as well as a carving station. None is part of a national franchise — all the food outlets are Wally’s-specific.

An 8,000-square-foot retail space offers proprietary shirts, hats, mugs, outdoors supplies and the usual items one might find at a truck stop.

But Wally’s isn’t a truck stop. That doesn’t mean truckers aren’t welcome, but Wally’s isn’t set up to accommodate tractor-trailers.

The differentiation from truck stops is by design, according to Rubenstein.

“They have showers on site and a separate truck entrance,” he said. “The maneuverability around a truck stop can be a little daunting for the family in the minivan, going down the road. That’s who we’re targeting.”

Originally from southwest of St. Louis, Rubenstein and Wally’s Chairman Chad Wallis have driven I-55 numerous times between their home area and Chicago. They noticed a family-oriented travel center didn’t

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76 fuel pumps, 41 bathroom stalls and a beef jerky bar: Welcome to Wally’s – News – Journal Star

PONTIAC — The drive between Peoria and Chicago can be long, dull and devoid of convenient, clean places to use the restroom.

A new travel center in Pontiac purports to provide a solution to that last potential problem. Among other things.

Wally’s opened its first location earlier this month, at Interstate 55 and Illinois Route 116. It bills itself as “Home of the Great American Road Trip,” and a family-friendly one at that.

That friendliness extends to cleanliness, in the form of more than 40 bathroom outlets Wally’s President/CEO Michael Rubenstein assures will be hygienic.

“What’s the No. 1 thing that usually decides where to go on a road trip? Who has the cleanest bathrooms,” Rubenstein said.

Wally’s women’s restroom has 20 stalls, with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors. The men’s room has 10 similar stalls and 11 urinals.

“Just the size and openness of the bathrooms is really situated to

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Bar exam in hotel rooms offered test-takers social distancing and private bathrooms

Bar Exam

“You are literally sitting in a hotel room 1 foot away from a bed. That was a really strange feeling,” says Eric Rodriguez, a 2020 University of Texas at Austin School of Law graduate who took the exam at the downtown Hilton Austin. Photo by Eric Rodriguez.

Among the many worries for people taking recent in-person bar exams during the COVID-19 pandemic, some were logistical: How could they maintain social distancing during the test? Would public restrooms be germ magnets? Could they safely eat with others?

Hotel rooms could be the answer to those concerns. Texas, which traditionally holds the state bar exam at large convention centers, recently administered its two-day in-person bar exam at Hilton hotels around the state. Each candidate took the test in his or

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Kitchen Countertop Bar Ideas

Bar counters are luxurious to look at. I know that you commonly see this on the house of the rich and famous. But today, not only the rich could have this. People like you and me could also purchase this for our home. A bar counter is where you serve drinks over chit – chats and other conversations. That’s the main purpose of it. I don’t know why but having this structure in your house gives it a bit of elegance, well, not a bit but rather a lot of it. One look and you know that a man of noble descent lives here.

Whatever I was saying earlier that was true but difficult to explain. Bar counters in your house gives you another reason to hang out with your friends. Just hang out, drinking. It also gives your house a look of fun. Like when you see it on … Read More