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Basement Renovation Now Adds Value and Additional Living Space to Homes of all Sizes

Whether You Live in a Rural or Urban Property, Basement Renovation Now Can Restore All Types of Basement.

The team at Basement Renovation Now recognizes that basements are often dead space in properties, with the space dark, cold and used for storage of unnecessary items and junk. But renovating a basement can bring a variety of benefits to a property and in a very short space of time.

One of the major benefits of renovating a basement is the immediate increase it brings to the property’s value. In an urban location, the basement or the attic are often the only ways of increasing the living space within a home, and the basement often comes with the added benefit of being more accessible by all the family. In addition to this, adding value such as this to a property can really differentiate it in a competitive market, and generate many more

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DC Basement Remodeling Company Opens New Location In Washington, DC – Press Release

Monumental Contractors | Northern VA Design & Build Contractors

Monumental Contractors, a basement remodeling company, recently opened a new location in Washington, DC, where they will provide detailed workmanship to carry out their client’s vision.

Washington, DC – September 8, 2020 – Monumental Contractors, a Washington DC basement remodeling company, recently opened a new location in Washington, DC, where they will provide detailed workmanship to carry out their client’s basement remodeling vision. Basement remodeling aims to improve the functionality and aesthetic of a client’s home by transforming unfinished space.

The basement remodeling company also specializes in remodeling other living spaces in homes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Monumental Contractor’s goal is to ease the stress of a client who might find remodeling a space to be overwhelming and completes projects both in a timely manner and within the specified budget. In addition, Monumental Contractors are skilled in restoring homes from

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Basement Remodeling – Planning A Game Room Remodeling Project

When it comes to the numerous basement remodeling options out there, few projects can bring out the kid in a homeowner quite like installing a gameroom. In fact, developing a well planned game room remodeling project can be almost as fun as enjoying the games themselves, thanks to the unique creative freedom that a job like this allows. You’re only limitations are space availability, finances, and your own imagination!

Game Room Remodeling: Getting Started

Like any home remodeling job, a game room remodel starts with a desire to increase the fun and functionality of a room, and is followed by a determination to take all the steps necessary to bring your vision to life. The majority of game rooms are designed in basements, giving them a unique atmosphere and sequestering them from the quieter areas of the home, such as the living room and bedrooms.

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Basement Finishing and Basement Remodeling

Putting on an addition to the house is one way of adding square footage, but finishing a basement is another, and often more cost effective way to add value to your home. It is much easier to transform a basement into the required square footage that you need than it is to add an entire new room or story to your home.

Consider Your Air Quality in Your Basement Remodel

Air quality is a major concern when it comes to basement remodeling, and all basement remodeling contractors will look at this issue before they provide you with a quote. The basement is traditionally known as the dampest and most moist area of the home, and this dampness and moistness contributes to poor air quality. Before you begin your basement remodel, look to see if any of these moisture issues are present in your home. If you have cracks in your … Read More

Basement Waterproofing Contractor’s Effective Time Management a Must During Steady Storm Period

A management crisis will likely happen for some basement waterproofing contractors following each “once-in-a-lifetime” rain storm. However, even steady rain that persists over days and weeks can be damaging. Mother Nature’s wrath compounds daily difficulties by creating a backlog of problems that may hamper a contractor long after the calming of the storm. For such occurrences, it is vital that contractors develop a strategy for handling proposals, panicked homeowners and the psychology of organizing the promises a contractor must keep in the midst of a storm.

Avoid these time-eating scenarios

Following a rain storm, homeowners want answers. Unfortunately, they often ask questions that a contractor can’t possibly answer. It is common for a panicked homeowner to ask a lot of “what if” questions, especially if their basement is flooded and their neighbor’s is not. These “what if” questions are a waste of time. Without completely ignoring the concerns of a … Read More

Five Benefits of Basement Remodeling

Adding to living space is usually a winning situation in a house. Basement remodeling is one effective way to accomplish this goal. When you renovate this area of a residence, a number of benefits come into play. Explore the ways you will come out ahead with this type of home improvement project.

Increasing Living Space

The understory of a house tends to have sizable square footage. This space is often under-utilized, limiting the way a family uses this area. By finishing off this floor with multiple rooms, an extra bathroom, and useful storage, a family can benefit significantly. This can be helpful for extra bedrooms for a growing family, a spare bedroom for guests, storage for household items, a rec room for the kids, a hobby room, a home theater, a workout room, or even a man cave for the guy of the house. It’s possible to even double living … Read More

Basement Remodeling – Creating a Basement You’ll Love

Most basements are dark, gloomy, and simply serve as a storage area for old toys, clothes, seasonal items, and anything else that is not used on a regular basis. Most of us rarely go down into the basement unless it is to unload more clutter that we don’t want or need.

But, why not turn this gloomy storage room into something functional and useful? Remodeling your basement is a cost-effective way to significantly increase your home’s living space. Suddenly you could have a nice, cozy guest room, a playroom for your children, a home office, a game room; the possibilities are endless!

Below are five simple steps to a brand new basement.

1. Repair any Basement Water Problems First

Even if your basement hardly ever has issues with flooding or dampness, it’s best to take care of the problem completely before beginning any remodeling efforts.

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Basement Remodeling – Getting Started

Planning to finish or remodel your basement may seem like a large and complicated task. This checklist will simplify the process and get you going in the right direction.

I will split the process up into 3 different stages:

Water and mold inspection Designing your basement Bids and Construction

Water and Mold

It is important that you verify ANY water or mold presence BEFORE you do any finishing. This is a very common mistake that homeowners make. Once the basement is finished it is not possible to fix any water or mold problems without great expense. I have written another Ezine article titled Inspecting Basements For Leaks, Water Damage and Mold (Pt 1 Unfinished Basements) that will help you to discover any water or mold issues. Be aware, anywhere there is water and building products (wood, drywall, paint, furniture.. anything organic) there will be mold.

If you are unsure if … Read More

6 Tips for a Successful Basement Remodeling Experience

Transforming your basement into a finished space not only gives your family more room in your home, but it also adds tremendous value to your house. However, the basement remodeling process can be overwhelming if you are not adequately prepared. Here are 6 tips to ensure you have a successful experience.

Understand Legal Requirements

Before you begin your basement remodeling project, you must first be aware of any legal requirements that you need to follow. Some areas require residents to obtain permits before completing certain types of work, and there may also be codes that your project must adhere to. Being aware of these requirements upfront can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Handle Any Moisture Problems

Before you can begin any renovations, you must address any moisture issues. Basements are commonly subject to leaks, condensation, and flooding. Be sure to tackle any moisture problems at the beginning of your … Read More

Get a Home Loan to Redecorate Your Basement and Win Extra Space For Your Hobbies!

Do you have a basement in your property? It has been there for ever and was never used for anything useful but storage? Well, it is time for you to go down there and start doing some cleaning!

After you have threw away all those useless things that you have been placing there, you will find that there is a whole new space that, with some aid could look great and give you that space you need just for you.

What Kind Of Financial Aid Could You Get For Doing This?

Home loan products include a whole line pointing to home improvements. Home improvement loans, as we known them, are meant to ad value to your property, by doing those needed repairs, redecorating or constructing a whole new room to ad more space. Landscape improvements are also contemplated by these kinds of loan since those modification’s highly increase a property’s … Read More