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7 Boo Basket Ideas For Couples & Giving Your Friends A Halloween Thrill

It’s always such a thrill when a package arrives at your front door, even if you know what’s inside. So, what if you and your partner sent your faves a basket filled with goodies for Halloween? Of course, you may not have any boo basket ideas for couples right now, and that’s where we come in.

After scouring the Internet for the best products, we came up with a ton of boo basket ideas — each of which comes with its own theme. Some of these baskets will treat your friend and their partner to an at-home date night. Others will get their beloved pet involved in the holiday festivities.

Be warned: Once you put the basket together, you may want to just keep it for yourselves and enjoy the bags of peanut butter cups and matching sweaters in the comfort of your own home. But, it’ll be so much

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Great Bath Gift Basket Ideas

Bath gift baskets make excellent gifts for multiple occasions. Here are some of my favorite occasions to give bath gift baskets, and what you should include in them:

· New Mother Bath Gift Basket. Whether a woman is in the last stages of pregnancy or whether she has just had her baby, she most definitely deserves to relax. If you are giving a new mother bath gift basket, be sure to fill it with some of the most relaxing items possible. Think of it as a sort of comfort kit. Allow her to turn her own bathroom into a spa. Include candles (and a lighter, just in case) to set a relaxing mood and to fill the bathroom with a calming scent and light. Be sure to include a bubble bath and a sponge (I especially like a soft waffle-weave sponge). Include other bath and body items like lotion and … Read More