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Where to Learn About Iron Bathtub Paint

As a homeowner you will inevitably have to ask yourself the following question: should I repair it or replace it? With some objects (small appliances, inexpensive objects) the best thing to do is replace it. With others (larger, expensive appliances, valuable items, etc) it is better to repair or refurbish the item. The cast iron bathtub is one of those items.

Cast iron bathtubs can be very expensive but, more importantly, they maintain their structural integrity for decades. With some bathtubs, like those made out of enamel, it is easier to simply replace the tub. With a cast iron tub, you will almost always want to do an iron bathtub resurfacing project. But what if you don’t know anything about how to refinish bathtubs or iron bathtub paint?

Your best bet, if you do not have experience in construction or home renovations is to hire a professional to do the … Read More

The $25,000 Bathtub – Incredible Story You Won’t Want to Miss

Often I talk about problems with homeowners hiring contractors who aren’t qualified yet give them low prices. Every one wants a bargain, but this time it didn’t work out for Sam who had just installed his third bathtub in three years. That’s right, how would you like to pay someone three times to install a bathtub. This stuff happens all the time in the bathroom remodeling and construction business.

The first time Sam hired a bathroom remodeling contractor, he got one bid from a friend of his at work who recommended his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law was a tile contractor and had some experience remodeling bathrooms, but obviously didn’t know how to install a fiberglass bathtub correctly. I never got to see the first contractor’s nightmare, I only got to see the second one.

The first contractor charged Sam $14,000 to remodel his bathroom and it didn’t work out very good. … Read More