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Real Living’s 20 most beautiful bathrooms

a cat sitting on a tiled floor: Let these stylish bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms straight from the pages of Real Living magazine inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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Let these stylish bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms straight from the pages of Real Living magazine inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Bathrooms are one of the trickiest rooms to design. From colour, shape and textured tile choices, fittings, hardware, and specific layout decisions, it can be an overwhelming process. As the design can’t be changed and reconfigured easily, it’s also crucial to get it right the first time.

From rustic to modern, monochrome or bright and beautiful, let these beautiful bathrooms from the pages of Real Living inspire you to design a swoon-worthy space in your own home. If you’re not here for inspiration, just sit back and imagine yourself in one of these deep bathtubs, B.Y.O wine and bath bubbles.

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Beautiful Hot Tubs For Sale

Having a hot tub of your very own is truly one of life’s finest luxuries. Nothing can compare to climbing into a large tub of steaming hot water, sitting back and relaxing. All of the stresses of your day slowly slip away as your sore and aching muscles are gently massaged by the pulsating jets of warm water.

Buying a tub is a great investment that should bring you years of enjoyment. There are several decisions that must be made prior to purchasing one of these tubs. You have to decide what size and style you want, which features are ‘must-haves’ and you should also set a budget. The next order of business is locating a dealer. Considering the fact that there are a countless number of tub retailers in business today, knowing where to look for hot tubs for sale in UK can be a bit confusing.

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Who Else Wants a Beautiful Luxury Kitchen?

If you thought that luxury kitchen cabinets are only the privilege of the rich, elite and celebrities you’re mistaken. Kitchens are the busiest and most expensive room in the house. Kitchens are highly complex rooms that have to work on many levels.

Everyone deserves a beautiful luxury kitchen.

That means you too!!!

I’m sure you have some kitchen design ideas that appeal to you. You may have seen them on TV, websites, magazines, or homes of friends and family.

The kitchen is one of the first things people remodel when they are looking to improve their home. New kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular luxury kitchen home improvements.

Many consumers think of the neighborhood Home Depot and Lowes when it comes to cabinetry. This, however, only gives you access to a standard design for your kitchen plan vs. a customized, personalized style and kitchen layout. You may get … Read More

Innovative Bathroom Cloakroom Ideas for Beautiful Homes

A home is where your heart is, and people don’t mind spending a fortune on decorating and designing them to make them look beautiful. These days, homes in cities are quite compact, and they allow very little room for beautifications. Well, that should not stop you from checking out some of the best ideas for decorating your cloakrooms. Bathroom is as important as any of your other rooms. It is the place where you freshen up after a long day at work.

Cloakroom normally consists of a basin and a toilet, but there are other useful amenities that you can add. If you are constructing your home, then you can make provisions for a cloakroom without having to spend too much. Finding a space for a cloakroom can be challenging. The space under the stairs can be perfect. Obviously, you will have to spend some money to design them. These … Read More