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‘Barndominium’ or Bust! 10 Beautifully Rustic Homes on the Market Right Now

Practical, no-nonsense, and eminently customizable, “barndominiums” are a uniquely American take on rural living. These seemingly simple structures are prefabricated industrial buildings transformed into modern, beautiful homes.

Most popular in rural areas of Texas, barndominiums also extend their reach far into other parts of the country.

We scoured current listings and rounded up 10 of the coolest barndominiums on the market right now. Most are scattered throughout Texas and Georgia, two states with country living in their DNA. They’re all relatively modest homes with plenty of rustic charm. However, they can also be high-end, multimillion-dollar affairs—as is the case with the Idaho home below.

For buyers in search of a live-work space with a twist, simply scroll on down.

Price: $189,000
Brand new build: This rustic two-bedroom lake retreat was built just this year and measures in at a petite 900 square feet. Vaulted ceilings make room for a cozy

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Impress Passersby With A Beautifully Painted Home Or Business

Adding paint to the interior of your home is a no-brainer, but painting the exterior can easily be overlooked. This can lead to your home or business looking run down from the outside. A fresh coat of paint, can not only change the appearance of your building, it can also increase the value. Overall, fresh paint on the exterior of your home or business can beautify it and make it more inviting.

Obviously, if you want to change the appearance of your building, paintwork can be an excellent option. However, there is also a basic guideline on how often you should be repainting any building. There are a variety of factors that will affect when you should repaint your building, including its exterior finish, your place, and the overall quality of your previous paintwork. On average, wood siding should be painted every 3 to 7 years and stained every 4 … Read More