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Architect turns an auto-rickshaw into portable home with bedroom, bathroom & kitchen

Netizens are gushing over a tiny auto-rickshaw house that has gone viral on various social media platforms. An auto-rickshaw has been modified by an architect to fit a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen in a tiny little space of just 36 square feet, which is now winning the internet’s praise. The three-wheeler structure named Solo 01 is designed by Arun Prabhu N G, founder, and architect of the Billboards Collective, and it comes with a portable/detachable housing unit that can accommodate a single individual. 



Super stoked to finally reveal a project that has been in the works! SOLO 01.A stunning, utilitarian design of a Portable / Detachable housing system.Unveiling our first prototype !As Clare Booth said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Land, especially in the urban areas has always been considered a valuable commodity – an idea Mark Twain captured in his simple quote, “Buy land, they aren’t

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Upstairs bedroom and bathroom reveals

Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms were unveiled on The Block this week, and while one team deserved first place, the remaining rankings were harder to digest than full cream milk.

Let’s process some of the major issues …


Luke and Jasmin’s bedroom is the most clucky-inducing space I’ve ever encountered. It’s the sort of room that’d convince the Octomom to have another eight kids.

The wallpaper is everything. The lights are everything. And that hanging chair is everything. There’s nothing to fault here.

The bathroom is equally delicious and speaks perfectly to the style of the other ensuites in this home. Luke and Jasmin have a consistent design scheme rolling out across the property that’ll see them win come auction day. Sadly the same can’t be said for the team that came second.


While Jimmy and Tam delivered a bedroom

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Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxing And Tranquil Space – Bedroom Decor Ideas

Photographed by Maria del Rio.

No matter what you do in between, your bedroom is where you begin and end every single day. It’s your sanctuary — or it should be, anyway — and that’s why it’s so important to make it yours. Luckily, there are countless stylish bedroom design ideas that’ll help you do just that. Before you start tossing out furniture and knocking down walls, however, you might want to figure out which design plans are realistic for your particular space, budget, and abilities. 

Ultimately, when you’re redoing a room, you can break down your design plans into three categories: decorative, aesthetic, and structural. All of them have the potential to transform a room, but some are more dramatic (and more expensive) than others. 

We’ll start with decorative, since it’s typically the most accessible category. These are the changes that you can tackle in a single day, since

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3 Fun & Creative Boys Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for boys bedroom ideas to redecorate your son’s bedroom, then you need to read this article. We’re going to look at three popular choices for bedroom themes for boys of various ages.

For infants, bedroom designs are really more for the parents’ sake than for the boy. There are lots of great ways to design a nursery, whether you choose Pooh Bear, Noah’s ark or some other design.

At this age, it’s really up to you how to decorate the room. A trip to your local paint store or a home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot will give you lots of ideas for themes for young boys. Just keep in mind that if it’s too babyish, you might find yourself with a 2 or 3 year old who wants his room redecorated because he’s not a baby anymore!

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The Difference Between Bedroom Vanities and Bathroom Vanities

A great way to add a classy look to your bedroom, bathroom, powder room, or hallway is with a vanity. From traditional to contemporary and antique bedroom vanities to one-sink and double-sink bathroom vanities, here’s the 411 on both.

They date back before the Victorian era but this is also a period where vanities were most elaborate. The pieces were created for women as a “sanctuary,” where they could admire themselves in the mirror, apply makeup, jewellery, and “pretty” themselves for the day.

This is why bedroom vanities are also known as make-up vanities and also why many of those on the market are antique-style. Today’s bedroom vanities are used in the same way and are also great design accessories that can really add a touch of glamor to the bedroom.

Classic bedroom vanities are elaborately carved from solid wood, often with curved cabriolet legs, rounded feet, an oval-shaped mirror, … Read More