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She thought they were renovating the kitchen, he worked with a Seattle company on a bigger surprise

30 years into their marriage and nearly 20 years in the same house, Alvin and Joanne were ready for a refresh — not the marriage, Alvin emphasizes.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! We still feel like newlyweds who got married yesterday,” he says.

But the house was starting to feel a little dated, and the couple heard from a friend that Granite Transformations did really great work. As a former interior designer Joanne took the lead on most decisions, and then Alvin came up with a plan to celebrate their love at the same time.

“I said honey, I don’t think we can afford to do all this, and convinced her to postpone the fireplace and bathroom renovations. But of course in my head I thought ‘I’m going to make sure we get this done.”

Alvin worked with Granite Transformations to orchestrate a surprise, and they completed

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The One Trick to Faking a Bigger Bathroom

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Manchester Covid infection rate shows 15-fold increase since local lockdown was introduced

The Covid infection rate in Manchester has risen more than 15-fold since the local lockdown has been introduced, figures show, as Mayor Andy Burnham warns the Government is in danger of “losing” the public in the North, and that there was a growing “North-South divide”. The latest statistics show Manchester’s rate at now 335.9 cases per 100,000 – one of the worst in the country, having surpassed 200 per 100,000 in recent days. When restrictions were introduced across parts of the North West in July, the figure was around 20 per 100,000. Yesterday Andy Burnham, Mayor Greater Manchester, said there was a growing “North-South divide” with the Government at risk of “losing the public” in the north. Speaking to the Sophy Ridge On Sunday show on Sky News, the former Labour minister said: “We need a

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Freestanding tubs, bigger showers are changing bathroom design

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Bathtubs used to be simple things. They were attached to the wall. There was a shower head at one end. You pulled a curtain to keep water from going where it wasn’t supposed to.

But like many other aspects of home decor, tubs and showers have gone uptown.

“People want their tubs to be the masterpiece of the bathroom,” said Thomas Phan, principal owner of Lifestyle Fixtures in Huntington Beach, Calif. One of the most popular ways to achieve that aura is with a freestanding bathtub, which sits in a prominent place and doesn’t abut any wall. “A freestanding tub sits in the middle of the bathroom,” Phan explained. “It says, ‘Look at me!’ ”

Clearly, you need some space for such a large hunk of plumbing hubris. But there are a variety of freestanding tub sizes now, so even smaller bathrooms can accommodate the look.

There are

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Bobcat Fire in California threatening more than 1,000 homes, now “bigger than the city of Denver”

A wildfire scorching its way through brush and timber from the mountains to the desert northeast of Los Angeles threatened more than 1,000 homes on Tuesday as crews across the West battled dozens of other major blazes. The Bobcat Fire was advancing at a mile or two an hour at times and continued to threaten the Mojave Desert town of Pearblossom after burning into the Antelope Valley foothill area, on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains from Los Angeles.

CBS Los Angeles reports as of Monday night, the fire was 106,179 acres in size and containment decreased from 15% to 13% containment, with strengthening winds a growing concern.

“We’ve got a fire here that is bigger than the city of Denver, and it did it in two weeks,” said Sky Cornell with the L.A. County Fire Department Monday. 

Firefighters battle the Bobcat Fire
Los Angeles County firefighter Tommy Davis watches a water-dropping helicopter
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