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The Ten Most Common Billing Mistakes Contractors Make

Government contractors, particularly those who are new to government work and are working for a DoD agency, often face delays when submitting vouchers for payment. There are two common reasons why delays happen: the clerk processing the vouchers has a very different agenda from the contractor, and there are common mistakes on the vouchers themselves that can cause the vouchers to be kicked back to the contractor for correction.

First, contractors have to remember that the clerk who first processes vouchers has different priorities from the contractor:

• The clerical person responsible for processing vouchers doesn’t usually care whether the contractor gets paid or not. His/her goal is to process the paperwork if it’s correct, and kick it back if it isn’t.

• The clerical person processing those bills isn’t very knowledgeable beyond the narrow scope of his/her job. He/she won’t think, “Ohh, the bill says this, but it must … Read More