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How General Contractors Can Win With Blogging

In modern day construction, a digital presence is an easy way for a potential customer to feel comfortable with a contractor’s specialty. This match-making scenario becomes challenging when there are countless resources providing the exact service all listed on a search engine’s output. Without a budget for ad campaigns and paid ranking opportunities, many contractors feel helpless in the vast sea of large firms “paying to play.” Fortunately, there are options. Enter blogging.

Chances are you’ve been acquainted with the most popular search engine, Google. Although it’s frequently pumping out updates to the way its algorithms react to users’ keywords, tapping into Google ranking through cost-effective means isn’t a far-off goal. In fact, it’s a pretty solid game changer for contractors willing to put the proper tools in place.


Through strategic keyword usage and variation in blogs, contractors can build thought leadership while enhancing … Read More