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Three Pasifika Churches Get Renovation Boon

Three Pasifika churches in Horowhenua will benefit from
renovations under the Fale Lotu Connections

Under the project, the Free Church of Tonga,
Samoan Methodist Church, and the Congregational Christian
Church of Samoa will jointly receive $1.46 million from the
Provincial Growth Fund to make their buildings warmer and
better equipped.

The funding was earmarked by the
Government in May for renovations
and improvements to Pasifika churches
around the country
as part of its COVID-19 response and recovery plan. It aims
to improve facilities for the communities the churches
serve, as well as creating jobs.

Mayor of Horowhenua
Bernie Wanden said Council was delighted to be leading the
project and administering the funds.

“Enhancing the
visibility of these churches will bring greater community
pride for the district’s growing Pacific population and
create potential for more community and inter-regional

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