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Mid-American Boy Scout Camps – Program Improvements Through the Tribe of Mic-O-Say

What is Mic-O-Say?

Mic-O-Say is an honor camping society adopted by certain Boy-Scout camps in Missouri. This program also covers parts of eastern Kansas and other out-of-state troops attending these camps. It began in 1925 near St. Joseph, Missouri. 

The program is based on the folklore and traditions of the Native American culture for young braves growing toward manhood. Its purpose is to reinforce the scouting principles, to encourage personal growth and development, and to establish meaningful involvements in scouting. The scouting-membership in the tribe consists primarily of two recognized ranks: Brave and Warrior.

Who is eligible for it?

Only the seasoned scout-campers less than 18 years of age are eligible for it. They must have shown some leadership and community activity before applying for it. Basically, that includes all the active scouts who have attended these summer camps one or more times. Else, these scouts would not be in the scouting program or attending these summer camps in … Read More