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The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding Instead of Bricks

If looking to revamp the exterior of your home, have you considered vinyl siding? There are pros and cons to both bricks and siding, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Yet, there are several reasons why vinyl siding has become the number one choice among remodelers, builders, and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.


Have you been to a hardware store and actually priced bricks? Working through a contractor might get you a discount. But even at around half a dollar apiece, you’re looking at a huge investment. Alternatively, reinforced vinyl is a much more cost-effective material when covering large exterior spaces. Even the installation of this covering is less time consuming and more affordable with lower labor costs. These are all short-term benefits, but there are also long-term benefits. Bricks need to be replaced and repaired every 20 to 25 years. Siding, on the … Read More