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How Many Light Bulbs Are In The Average American Household?

Many homeowners in today’s America, are aware of steps that can be taken to reduce the normal household expenses. Everyday things like sealing windows and doors, to insulating attic spaces properly can yield high returns for ones investment dollar. However one of the most over-looked ways to save money is by changing light bulbs.

Sure, we have all heard for years about switching to compact fluorescent lamps, and how changing one bulb can save up to $67.00 in energy. Further, many of us have gone to a store, purchased a few and started to save energy. We have prided ourselves on getting rid of the old incandescent light bulbs as part of our own person efforts to save the planet, but have we done all we can do? Chances are you have not even touched the tip of the energy-saving ladder.

Recently we conducted a home survey of over 500 … Read More

Home Improvement – Are Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Worth It?

It’s a fact: the average American home is responsible for as much (or more than), twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car. If every American house replaced just five of their most used light fixtures or bulbs with more energy efficient ones, the nation would save $8 billion a year on energy cost, not to mention the savings to individuals for bulb replacement and higher electric bills. That’s without ever turning off a light! Plus, it would save as many greenhouse gasses from entering and destroying our atmosphere as the emission of 10 million cars! And that’s every single year!

While many of the original energy efficient bulbs sold on the market suffered from low voltage, causing unpopular shadows and dimness in homes, today’s new energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs are just as bright as their traditional counterparts. They may cost a little more (about $8 compared … Read More