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Impress Passersby With A Beautifully Painted Home Or Business

Adding paint to the interior of your home is a no-brainer, but painting the exterior can easily be overlooked. This can lead to your home or business looking run down from the outside. A fresh coat of paint, can not only change the appearance of your building, it can also increase the value. Overall, fresh paint on the exterior of your home or business can beautify it and make it more inviting.

Obviously, if you want to change the appearance of your building, paintwork can be an excellent option. However, there is also a basic guideline on how often you should be repainting any building. There are a variety of factors that will affect when you should repaint your building, including its exterior finish, your place, and the overall quality of your previous paintwork. On average, wood siding should be painted every 3 to 7 years and stained every 4 … Read More

The Benefits of Pressure Washing and Hiring a Business to Do it For You

When many homeowners think of ways to make their homes look better, they consider getting services like lawn maintenance, gutter cleaning, window washing and home cleaning. While all of these services are necessary, many homeowners fail to consider their sidewalk and siding and what condition it is in. Simply put, having siding that is in good condition is a necessity, as siding that is in bad condition will be more prone to issues such as mold, which can be a problem for those who are allergic to it. There are many benefits to getting pressure washing done by a professional, as you’ll find out in this article.

Four Benefits of Pressure Washing

l It’s Not as Expensive as Replacing Things Outright. Does your siding look like it’s been there for a long time and is in desperate need of replacement. Or how about your deck-does it look like the wood … Read More

Home Based Business Ideas For Retired People

For a variety of reasons, retirement may not be an attractive option once you have entered that world. With medical advances, most people live longer and healthier lives. As a result, many retirees have too much energy and passion for life to simply do nothing. If you have spent the majority of your life in the work place, retirement can result in boredom, loss of enthusiasm or loneliness. You may find yourself missing that job you dreaded. Other retired people immediately realize their retirement savings just won’t be enough, especially with an uncertain world economy. So, what next?

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business? Believe it or not, there are definite advantages for retirees that want to start a home based business. In fact, home based businesses in general are increasing and proving to be very successful. If you structure the business correctly and remain in compliance … Read More

How Much Money Do I Need To Start A New Business?

It doesn’t always require a massive amount of cash to start a new business. In fact, 25 percent of business owners need no dollar amount to start up and just over 32 percent of new business owners needed less than $5,000 to start or acquire their business.

Businesses such as housekeeping, gardening, internet retail sales, consulting services, daycare, handyman, or similar service industries may require little or no money to start-up yet have potential to grow into very prosperous companies. For example, Molly Maid Housecleaning Service is a multi-million dollar company with services expanding across the country. Molly Maid was started by cleaning just one home.

A new business is something like a spider. It has a core (the body); the primary starting point, then it grows legs. The legs are extensions of the core. Each leg represents another important part of the body. For instance, a gardening service starts … Read More

Handyman Business Goal Setting and Achieving – How to Make $100K Per Year As a Handyman

There are six major categories of goal setting that a Handyman business owner should set goals in, measure their progress toward those goals and work hard at achieving. Since you are continuing to read this, I suspect that you just might be interested in knowing what those six goal categories are. Well, I won’t disappoint you.

For the most part, let’s begin with the end in mind and work backwards.

Determine your income or money goal. If you want to make $100,000 per year as income in your Handyman business, then use that as your goal and work through the rest of your goals to figure out what you would need to do to earn that amount per year.

How many clients would you need to have at your decided rate to earn that amount of money with all your expenses taken out so that your Handyman business can actually … Read More

Contractors Insurance Protects Your Business

General contractors call the shots in most construction projects, taking the lead in all important operations including coordinating subcontractors, supervising job sites, and many other responsibilities to ensure projects stay on time and within budget. The many risks involved with leading these projects makes contractors insurance essential to protect the business against losses that may result from a lawsuit.

One of the common misconceptions of contractors insurance is that it only applies to general contractors. But subcontractors such as carpenters, roofers, landscapers, masons, electricians, plumbers, and other trades are all liable as well. Since they are often involved in complex business relationships, contractors need to be able to rely on an insurance company that has their best interests in mind.

Most contractors understand the common risks of construction projects, such as injury to subcontractors, not being paid on time, not adhering to timeframe agreements, and other risks that should be … Read More

Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor For Your Business

Commercial roofing contractors in Portland need to consider the unique weather systems of the area, so it is best to hire a roofing expert with years of experience in OR. Choosing a commercial roofing company that offers generic services regardless of where their customers are located can lead to leaky roofs, higher energy bills and other problems. Know how to hire a reliable roofing contractor in Portland with the following guidelines.

Make Sure Your Roofing Contractor Is Local

The Internet makes it easy for commercial building managers to find local roof repair in Portland. It takes a few simple keystrokes to track down installation contractors with years of roofing experience.

When you contact roofing contractors, you should ask them if they are locally owned and operated or if they are based in another town. Many roofing companies from Portland will understand your building’s unique needs. The metal, tile, shingle and … Read More

How to Grow Your Business Profits With Small Improvements

When it comes to growing your business profits with small improvements, there are effectively five key components that you need to focus on as the owner of your business. If you want to grow your profits in your business, then focus on each one of these and plan for a small incremental increase in each of these components, say for example 10% increase for each component, and surprisingly enough it is likely to increase your overall bottom line profit by approximately 50%.

So what are these five components?

1) The number of leads or inquiries your business gets on a daily, monthly or annual basis. This is usually in direct response from your marketing and advertising efforts. For example, lets say you normally get 200 inquiries a week, lets see what happens along the way as we aim to increase this by 10% to 220 per week

2) Your Conversion … Read More

Starting a Handyman Business – Pros and Cons

There are always good and bad aspects of any business. The handyman business is no exception. Yes it can be very good for the right people and very bad for the wrong type of people.

In order to become successful in this type of business, you:

Must be experienced:

If you are reading this article today, you have either been your own boss before or would like to be your own boss now. The handyman business is a good idea and fit for the type of person who is very skilled with their hands. You should have some kind of prior experience working in this line of work. This type of business is not recommended for those who have little to know experience in this trade. Lacking the experienced required could cause legal issues against you should you damage a customers property.

Must be a self starter:

If you have … Read More

Vehicle Choices For a Handyman Business

Nothing wastes more time than running back and forth to the store to get one more item. It is far more efficient for you if you carry most of the tools you are going to need with you at all times. In a sense, as a handyman on the go, you are going to need to have a small traveling hardware store with you.

That means you are going to need some storage space. Most handymen get by with a truck that has a cap or a “topper”. If gives them the storage space of an SUV, but they do not have to change vehicles if they already have a reliable truck. Of course, if you have the budget to get a new (or good used) vehicle, then some alternatives come up. Vans are a proven vehicle for service people of all kinds. They have more room than a pickup … Read More