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The Sustainable Bathroom-Sanjay Kalra – BW Businessworld

India is becoming a strong advocate of sustainability and has made significant contributions towards reducing its environmental footprint. Climate change has enforced the world to realign the way of life to suit the sustainable development. Opting for sustainability in our personal spaces, like our homes and bathrooms, is not just a trend but a necessity. Modern societies cannot operate without water, energy, heat, electricity, and fuel. It is clear that there are no limitless amounts of these resources and is, therefore, an absolute necessity for everyone to contribute their bit to sustainable development. 

With more businesses providing sustainable substitutes for everyday life, individuals can opt for a greener lifestyle. This transition can begin with homes and bathrooms, where homeowners should start investing in creating a sustainable home. On average, gross domestic water usage adds up to 500 liters per household per day and 21% of it is spent on toilet

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