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Coated in Calm: Nationwide Survey Reveals DIYers Are Transforming Their Homes Into Peaceful Retreats

CLEVELAND, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It’s still prime painting season, and Dutch Boy® Paints is sharing insight about how do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) plan to tackle their painting projects this fall. The brand engaged nearly 1,100 DIYers from across the country to uncover their go-to painting resources, color palettes and much more. The brand’s survey revealed that an astounding 84% of respondents plan to paint in the next six months, and most prefer “Earthy and Calm” colors for their at-home retreats.

“With people spending more time at home, it’s no wonder they’re looking to transform their spaces with color that makes them feel relaxed and at ease,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “When given the choice for their dream home, 43% of our survey respondents preferred ‘Earthy and Calm’ hues over ‘White and Clean’ and ‘Grey and Trendy,’ which were a near-tie for second

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How to Maintain Calm in the Midst of Remodeling

You’ve finally reached the point where you can no longer live with the inefficient kitchen or the unsightly bathroom or the worn carpet in your house. You’ve decided to remodel and you’re excited about what it will look like when you’re finished. It’s an exciting time and it’s also a challenging time. If you’ve ever been through a remodeling project before you know that it’s going to take time – time when things will be in a state of chaos. When there will be dust and dirt and ‘stuff’ everywhere. How can you stay calm and focused and positive during the remodeling process and, most importantly, how can you ensure the project is completed as quickly and efficiently (and perfectly) as possible?

There’s actually more to this energetically than you might think. I have worked with many clients who started a remodeling project only to find that several years on, … Read More