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Google contractor accused of offshoring jobs in retaliation for union campaign

Google contractors who recently unionized say their jobs are being slowly shipped to Poland. On Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint laying out the allegations against HCL America, an engineering and IT contractor that works with Google in Pittsburgh.

Obtained by Motherboard, the complaint argues the jobs are being outsourced in retaliation for legitimate union activity. In particular, the NLRB says the conduct took place “because employees formed, joined and assisted the Union and engaged in concerted activities, and to discourage employees from engaging in these activities.”

None of the affected workers are legal employees of Google, but they specialize in engineering and IT tasks for HCL. The contractors voted to unionize in 2019, organizing under the United Steelworkers union. According to the complaint, the company has failed to bargain with the newly formed unit and has transferred work previously undertaken by the team to

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The $185 million campaign to keep Uber and Lyft drivers as contractors in California

By Sara Ashley O’Brien | CNN Business

At first, Uber and Lyft driver Michael Richert was undecided about how he would vote on Proposition 22, a California ballot initiative sponsored by gig economy giants Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart and Uber-owned Postmates that comes up for a vote in November.

Then, he found out how much they were spending to get it passed: over $185 million, according to California Secretary of State records. Richert said he was “blown away” by the amount, and started looking into what’s really at stake for him and other drivers.

The amount of financing behind the ballot measure — the most expensive proposition in the state’s history according to Ballotpedia — underscores how important its passage is to the future of the businesses.

The companies have built up massive fleets of workers over the years by treating them as independent contractors, who are paid on a

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Ending the cycle: Students wage public campaign for a private need – Entertainment & Life – telegram.com

“Toilet paper is provided in all public bathrooms and it’s an essential aspect of the restroom experience, so why are we expected to have quarters on us if we get our period and have nothing to use?” asked College of the Holy Cross senior Janna Hearty, who currently serves as the school’s student council Director of Health and Safety. “You’re not choosing to be on your period.”

Hearty is just one of many Worcester college students speaking out about the need for free and accessible menstrual products. In fall 2019, she spearheaded a two-year pilot program to provide free pads and tampons in bathrooms across Holy Cross’ campus. Since then, students at Clark University and WPI also have launched pilot programs as part of a nationwide effort at colleges and universities known as menstrual equity.

Since classes were moved online due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the pilot programs were put

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MrHobu.com Launches Its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign via Equivesto & Ecom Store Transforming Traditional Homes into Smart-homes – Press Release

Hobu, one of Canada’s upcoming home service platforms connecting homeowners with handymen, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign via Equivesto to raise its next round of funding, alongside unveiling their online store transforming traditional homes into smart-homes.

Check out Mrhobu.com or www.equivesto.com/mr-hobu to participate in their equity crowdfunding campaign

Sep. 18, 2020 / PRZen / TORONTO — MrHobu has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign through Equivesto to raise the next round of capital for expansion, which is set at a modest starting investment size of 100 Canadian dollars. Any resident of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, can invest in Hobu, and the company isn’t a new startup, as it had already raised C$350,000 in an earlier investment round.

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Despite the global pandemic, Mr.Hobu has been clocking healthy revenues even during these tough times, and now Hobu’s new online store offering a vast

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