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By-election candidate says he will advocate to speed up Banwell Road improvements

Windsor Ward 7 by-election candidate Jeewen Gill has concerns about the timeline surrounding Banwell Road infrastructure upgrades.

Gill says he is glad to see construction has started but has concerns about when it will be completed along with the planned distribution of funding.

“As a candidate running in the by-election, I will be a strong advocate and will do everything in my power for Banwell Road to be expanded earlier than projected,” he said in a news release.

Construction has started on a $2.5-million Banwell Road upgrade that includes widening the road, new sidewalks and a multi-use trail. Phase 1 of the two-phase improvement project has started with construction on Tecumseh Road East and Palmetto Street.

Gill says the city currently has $3.05 million allocated toward Banwell Road infrastructure in 2020 and more planned over the coming years. He says as per the city’s 2020 capital funding

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Windsor Ward 7 candidate says she’ll push for Forest Glade improvement

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“The library could use a major update,” said Marta Haireek, 20. “I often go for walks with my mom, and I’d like to see safer streets and sidewalks, as well as some investments in the park.”

Katrina Srour, who described herself as a busy mother of two, said traffic calming measures and the safety of her children are the most important matters to her in Ward 7 — especially in school zones.

Flashing crosswalks, lower speed limits, and separate bus bays are some of ideas she would like explored. “I want to thank Farah for hearing our issues and concerns in the area,” Srour said.

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According to El-Hajj, Ward 7 has “some of the most collision-prone intersections.”

She’s particularly keen on improving where Banwell Road meets the expressway. “Banwell is the only road connecting to the E.C. Row Expressway in Windsor that does

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