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Contractors say they’ve ‘no option’ but to pass on Carbon Tax increase directly to farmers

Agricultural contractors will will have no option but to pass on a ’28pc Carbon Tax cost increase’ directly to farmer customers, the Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI) has said.

This, it said, will equate to almost a 14pc increase for all Farm & Forestry Contractor current annual charges turnover levels of more than €700 million paid for by Irish farmers.

The increase of €7.50 per tonne in Carbon Tax which brought the Carbon Tax penalty for Contractors to €33.50 per tonne, will mean that Farm & Forestry Contractors suffer an unfair Carbon Tax burden of €13,455 per annum, based on a typical use level of 150,000 litres of annual diesel consumption, as the Carbon Tax now equates to 8.97 cent per litre of the total cost of agricultural diesel.

“Despite the fact that the modern machinery used by Farm & Forestry contractors also consumes costly AdBlue

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The Carbon Footprint Of Log Homes And Timber Frame Homes

Log Homes and Timber Frame Homes may have the lowest carbon footprint of any other type of construction. A carbon footprint is the measurement of carbon dioxide released as a result of using a particular product or other human activity. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere and major contributor to global warming.

A report prepared by the Edinburgh Center for Carbon Management (ECCM) compared the carbon dioxide footprints of three structures and the benefits when more timber was introduced into the construction. The results were astounding. ECCM estimated that there could be up to an 88% reduction of greenhouse gases by using log or timber structural elements wherever possible rather than other conventional building materials. The reduction of greenhouse gases was achieved by replacing materials high energy, high CO2 production values, such as steel and concrete, with solid wood. The report states that the production … Read More