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Caren Rideau Designs a Pattern-Filled Kitchen With Lots of Function

When, after nearly a decade of slowly renovating the rest of their home, a Pacific Palisades, California, family of seven finally faced their kitchen, they turned to their go-to designer, Caren Rideau, founder of the Kitchen Design Group, with a request to rework it into a multifunctional room.

caren rideau
This dramatic Waterstone faucet is one of four in the room.

Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

Well, they had a few more specific requests too. “They wanted a place for coffee, an area for wine. A walk-in pantry. A drop-off zone for the kids. And most important, direct access to the backyard,” says Rideau. “We weren’t adding square footage, so we needed to get a lot into this space.”

Since the family eats and cooks together nearly every night, and mom in particular is an avid pasta maker, Rideau chose a 60-inch BlueStar range “that can handle commercial-size trays,” and added a pot filler so

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