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DCR contractors carved a path up Lenox Mountain; now Richmond wants it fixed | News

RICHMOND — The town’s Conservation Commission is seeking an immediate action plan from the state to correct environmental damage along a woodland trail leading to the summit of Lenox Mountain.

In a letter the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, the commission accused the agency of violating town regulations under the Berkshire Scenic Mountain Act by constructing a service road to a communications tower at the summit on the Richmond/Lenox town line.

“DCR must cease and desist from any further construction activities between View Drive and the Richmond Town Line to the east, other than immediate temporary site stabilization and erosion control measures, until further notice from the Conservation Commission,” the letter, delivered last month, stated. It was addressed to DCR’s Deputy Chief Engineer Jeffrey Parenti.

The commission demanded that the DCR submit complete plans to the town by Tuesday afternoon to remediate and restore the disturbed area from View

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