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After White Hall case, nursing homes remain key in controlling covid

As covid-19 numbers continue to rise throughout Arkansas and Jefferson County, protecting one of the most vulnerable populations has become a priority on the state level. Nursing home residents were hit hard in the state of Arkansas at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The first nursing home case was reported by the Arkansas Department of Health on March 25 and was associated with the Waters of White Hall.

Health officials announced that the initial case at The Waters of White Hall appeared to be associated with a case linked to the original cluster at Jefferson Regional Medical Center.

Since then, the nursing home has had 51 positive residents with the most recent one reported to the health department on Oct. 1. Sixteen residents total were also reported as deceased.

In a previous interview, Donna Morton, the facility’s administrator, released a statement describing The Waters of White Hall’s “aggressive and

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Contractors acquitted in 2008 case of labourer’s death due to negligence

A magistrate court last week acquitted two contractors in a case wherein a labourer had died and another had sustained grievous injuries after a slab fell over them from the second floor of an under-construction building in Vikhroli.

The FIR had been registered on the report of the injured labourer Puran Roy. Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate AA Ghaniwale said in his order that the prosecution had “miserably failed” to prove the guilt of the accused and that unfortunately, not a single labourer was examined by the prosecution. He also noted that the forensic report of samples of sand and stone that had been collected from the site had not come till date.

Further, the court said that in the absence of direct evidence against the accused…the said incident is an accident and not a rash or negligent act of the accused.

Offences had been registered against the building contractor Gulam

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Kurn Hattin Homes for Children Pressured to Surrender License Amid Investigations of Abuse, Reports A Case for Women

Kurn Hattin Voluntarily Gives Up License to Operate as a Residential Treatment Facility

In mid-September of this year, Kurn Hattin Homes for Children was pressured to give up its license to operate as a residential treatment facility after an investigation by the Department for Children and Families uncovered that the school failed to report instances of sexual abuse, reports A Case for Women.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201005005888/en/

Susan Knape, Founder of A Case for Women. (Photo: Business Wire)

And sadly, this investigation is only the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of former Kurn Hattin students have accused school staff and administrators of physical and sexual abuse, stretching back decades. According to documents associated with a pending lawsuit against Kurn Hattin, more than 60 children were allegedly assaulted by caregivers, administrators or peers at the school from the 1940s through 2019. Even worse, this

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Contractor pleads guilty in King County drainage district corruption case

A Renton contractor who conspired with the longtime commissioner of King County Drainage District 5 admitted to lying to the FBI and United States Attorneys.

SEATTLE — A Renton contractor entered a “guilty” plea in federal court on Wednesday, marking the first conviction in an alleged corruption case the KING 5 Investigators first reported on 17 months ago.

Darrell N. Winston, who ran a small company called City Biz, admitted he lied to FBI investigators and the United States Attorney’s Office on multiple occasions as they investigated the reported theft of hundreds of thousands of tax dollars by the longtime commissioner of King County Drainage District 5 in Enumclaw.

According to court documents, Winston created two separate invoices that he submitted to King County government in 2018 claiming that he performed maintenance work on parts of the 18 miles of storm drains that comprise Drainage District 18.

The invoices were

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Contractor Licensing Case Limits Disgorgement Remedy in CA

Contractors performing work in California are required to be licensed by the California State License Board (“CSLB”).  Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §7065.  Except for sole proprietors, contractors are typically licensed through “qualifiers,” i.e., officers or employees who take a licensing exam and meet other requirements to become licensed on behalf of the contractor’s company.  Contractors who perform work in California without being properly licensed are subject to a world of hurt, including civil and criminal penalties (see, e.g., Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 7028, 7028.6, 7028.7, 7117, and Cal. Labor Code §§ 1020-1022), and the inability to maintain a lawsuit to recover compensation for their work.  Cal. Bus & Prof. Code § 7031(a); Hydra Tech Systems Ltd. v. Oasis Water Park, 52 Cal.3rd 988 (1991).

But arguably the worst ramification of not being property licensed is that established in Business &

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Designer Scott Gillen’s Latest Home In The Malibu Series, Case No. 3, Hits Market For $75 Million

Malibu designer and builder magnate Scott Gillen is disrupting the real-estate industry one multimillion-dollar home at a time.

Gillen, a former stunt driver and commercial director, founded Unvarnished, a unique brokerage that conceptualizes, builds and lists homes. He personally directs, designs and develops each home and brings in Los Angeles’ top real-estate agents to close sales. Gillen has developed more than 30 homes for wealthy Los Angeles residents, yet it’s his most recent project, The Case, the most exclusive private residential development in the country, that is making headlines.

In 2017, Gillen purchased 24 acres of undeveloped, oceanfront land in Malibu for a record-breaking $50 million. He is transforming this land into The Case, a five-home private enclave that is a central part of his 15-home package of architecturally significant properties, called The Malibu Series,

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Small Claims Case in Texas

Connie from Dallas became a Collect Back Rent Team member in January. Connie was a retired teacher who is a landlord of 9 rental units. She had a tenant move out of her rental owing 2 month’s rent and damages of $2,000. Connie had listened to the hard luck stories and he moved out without notice.

Connie had received $1,000 for security deposit so her first step is to send an itemized statement of where the security deposit dispersed. The security deposit ($1,000) itemized statement she sent the tenant deducted the $1,000 of the damages which left a balance of $1,000 of damages. In the security deposit letter, a Demand Notice was included for $3,000 (rent and damages remaining). Connie sent the itemized statement and demand notice by certified mail with a return receipt.

After 30 days, the former tenant failed to respond so Connie filed a Small Claims case … Read More