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Excelsior City Council votes to require case-by-case approval for new or expanding homes

People who want to build or expand a house in Excelsior will need to get city approval on the design, under a new rule that is among the most restrictive development ordinances in Minnesota.

Under the new ordinance taking effect Oct. 1, the city’s Planning Commission will review each project and approve or deny the design, with input from an architect and neighbors who own property within 350 feet.

The 3-2 council vote follows years of local debate over the need for strict zoning rules to preserve the look and feel of older residential areas in Excelsior, a Lake Minnetonka city of 2,400 that measures only one square mile.

Its neighborhoods include around 450 houses from different eras, some dating back to the 1800s. The eclectic mix is considered by many a key element of the lakeshore city’s charm and character.

Residents have complained that some newly built homes and

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