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Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Retirement

Bringing in a few more dollars each month can make a difference, especially if you’re living on a fixed budget. Finding ways to earn extra cash in retirement often takes a bit of time and creativity.

Here are some ideas to make money in retirement:

— Declutter and sell.

— Assist the elderly.

— Share your vehicle.

— Put pictures up for sale.

— Care for pets.

— Fix and resell items.

— Help with websites.

— Assist local sports.

— Assemble furniture.

— Volunteer to get connected.

— Babysit.

— Deliver items.

— Sell at a farmers market.

— Start a gardening service.

— Offer handyman services.

— Work at an apartment community.

— Be a notary.

— Do graphic design work.

— Tutor students.

— Be a mock juror.

— Help with research.

— Be a local tour guide.

— Sell jewelry.

Use these ideas to help

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Tigard defense contractor PacStar sells for $400 million cash

PacStar, a Tigard company that makes rugged communications gear for the U.S. military, said Thursday it will sells its business to a North Carolina company for $400 million in cash.


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The buyer, Curtiss-Wright Corp., said it expects $120 million in sales from PacStar in 2020. Privately held PacStar employs 145, double what it the number of workers it had three years ago.

Founded in 2000, PacStar makes portable communication equipment designed to enable troops to replicate the communication setup they have on base when they’re in the field. The company announced military contracts last year worth up to $300 million.

Curtiss-Wright said the deal is its biggest acquisition in recent history. The North Carolina company reported $964 million in sales during the first half of 2020, down from $1 billion in sales a year earlier. Its profits totaled $82.8 million during those six months, down from $135.7 million

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