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Temporary homes are castles for Hong Kong’s poor




70-year-old Lau Kai Fai is one of the first recipients of a Hong Kong ‘transitional home’ — the city’s latest initiative to address its serious housing shortage. Gloria Tso reports.


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Temporary homes are castles for Hong Kong’s poor [Video]

A new apartment building in Hong Kong made out of container-like blocks left 70-year-old Lau Kai Fai and his family feeling like they had won the lottery.

His new 290 square foot flat is relatively spacious by Hong Kong standards.

Hong Kong is one of the most crowded urban areas in the world.

And Lau is one of the first beneficiaries of the city’s latest attempt to address this — by building ‘transitional homes’ for people waiting for public housing.

His new space is a far cry from apartments in other big cities like London or Tokyo.

But it’s more than triple the size of where him and his family used to live — cramped in a subdivided flat otherwise known as one of Hong Kong’s infamous “coffin homes.”

Lau’s wife, Tian Jiayu:

“The place where we used to live was very small, and the dining table was also very

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